Avengers: Endgame directors confused by Robert Downey Jr's MCU return comments

robert downey jr as tony starkiron man, avengers endgame
Avengers directors confused by RDJ return commentsMarvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo Brothers have admitted confusion over Robert Downey Jr's admission that he would be up for returning to the MCU.

The actor's character Tony Stark was famously killed off at the end of the 2019 blockbuster, and despite this Downey Jr admitted earlier this month that he would "happily" return to the franchise.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Anthony Russo expressed doubts over how they would be able to bring back Iron Man, saying: "I don’t know how they would do it. I don’t know what the road to that would be [laughs]."

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Brother Joe added: "I mean we closed that book so it would be up to them to figure out how to reopen it."

In his original comments, Downey Jr told Esquire: "It's too integral a part of my DNA. That role chose me. And look, I always say, 'Never, ever bet against Kevin Feige'. It is a losing bet. He's the house. He will always win."

It has been a big year for the actor, notably after winning a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his turn in last year's Oppenheimer.

robert downey jr as tony starkiron man, avengers endgame
Marvel Studios

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Reacting to the victory, Joe said: "His Oscar win was huge. It’s amazing to live vicariously through Robert, you know, that experience for him is so profound, because of the journey he's had.

"I mean, it's one of the great stories of redemption. And he's such a lovely person, such a hard-working person. He’s a generational actor, so that level of recognition for him, I think, was validation of his redemption arc."

All four Avengers movies are streaming on Disney+.

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