Autistic boy starts own business after struggling to find job

An autistic boy who struggled to secure an after-school job has decided to set up his own business instead.

Clay Lewis’ new start-up sees him cleaning wheelie bins in his local area of Redland in southeast Brisbane and business is going so well, he’s had to hire staff to keep up with the demand.

Seeing a gap in the market tackling a job few others want to, the innovative 16-year-old seized the opportunity and set up Clay Needs No Moulding.

Clay says business is booming. Source: 7News

Clay charges customers $10 per bin and while the income has started to add up, he says he certainly earns it.

“Maggots. Maggots are pretty bad,” he revealed.

At the start he often gagged when he was cleaning the bins, but he was persistent and business is now booming.

“He does a fantastic job every single time,” client Zoe revealed.

Clay certainly gets down and dirty with the bins. Source: 7News

Now with 70 clients and three employees, his motive is simple.

“I just love getting cash,” he joked.

“I just thought it was really important that he learned about work, learned about the work ethic,” his mother Laura revealed.

Clay is determined to have a successful career and sees his business as the perfect stepping stone. Source: 7News

The unemployment rate for people with autism is very high. But while many small business fail in their first few months, Clay’s has just celebrated a milestone – its one year anniversary.

Business is so good he’s been able to earn enough to celebrate schoolies in style.

“When I finish Year 12 I’m going to go to Dubai for the F1,” he said.

In November last year, a young man with Aspergers made headlines when he was given a job opportunity following his father’s desperate plea online.