Autism 'healer' exposed after threatening patient

A Hungarian man claiming to be able to able to treat autism has been recorded threatening to slap and punch an undercover patient.

Operating out of London, Sick Jozsef Kanta was exposed when a BBC journalist filmed his confronting techniques with a hidden camera.

“I punch you or slap you,” Kanta can be heard screaming in the patients face.

“Which one you want?”

Kanta can be heard threatening the undercover autism patient. Photo: BBC

In a 10-day-course worth more than $5000 AUD, Kanta implemented a method developed by Budapest firm Stabil Pont Technologia which claims to “kill” autism.

The patient, who operated under the name Jordan, can be heard yelling "stop it" as Kanta continues to stand over him.

Kanta went onto to tell Jordan that his mother didn’t love him before making prolonged eye contact, a difficult ordeal for autism sufferers.

Research Autism Charity director Richard Mills condemned Kanta’s techniques.

“It has no place under the heading of therapy of any kind,” Mills told the BBC.

“To be confronted by someone who is so threatening is horrifying, it’s terrifying.

“And to someone prone to stress and anxiety, the effects are likely to be catastrophic”.

When confronted about his techniques, Kanta described his interaction with Jordan as “a joke”.