Author and vlogger Hank Green is in 'complete remission' 3 months after cancer diagnosis

Hank Green, the best-selling author, vlogger, and brother of fellow novelist John Green, is in "complete remission" three months after he announced his Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer diagnosis.

Green shared the health update after a treatment follow-up with his oncologist Monday, writing on social media that chances of relapse are low "but still very present." "I have a scan in three months to make sure everything's still good," he wrote. "Then we keep a close eye on it for two years and then a medium eye on it for the rest of my life. They don't call it 'cure' until five years from today."

Post-treatment health, however, is still its own beast, Green added, noting that one simply does not "get out unscathed." He said he was still "working through some pain, some fatigue, migraines… anxiety, of course. But honestly… holy s---, y'all. Feels good."

Hank Green
Hank Green

Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock Hank Green

In follow-up posts, Green wrote, "I can't emphasize enough that chemotherapy is both brutal and miraculous. Just feeling utterly grateful to all of the people who have been part of the scientific and medical processes that made this possible. And I am so sad that these treatments (which have existed for decades) remain unavailable to so many people. I'm keeping them in my thoughts today."

He concluded, "I wish I could get behind the 'I beat cancer' frame.' I did things, other people did things, and I mostly just got lucky (aside from the getting cancer part.) But most importantly, it's more like 'risk of relapse fades over the next few years, but you never know!'"

Green revealed his diagnosis, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, on Vlogbrothers, the YouTube channel he shares with his brother, in May. He called it "good news, bad news," with the good news being that the type of cancer "responds very well to treatment." Green said, "The goal is cure. The procedure to get there is fairly well known, if unpleasant. I'm not really looking forward to it, but I'm looking forward to starting on the path."

He shared the news to account for his absence at VidCon, the annual convention he co-founded with his brother for fellow YouTube creators and online brands. "All of this to say, I don't need there to be a big thing about it, I just want y'all to know where I'm at and what's going on," Green said.

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