Australia's most popular baby names of 2018

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Next to giving birth, naming your child is the hardest part about giving the gift of life.

And in Australia, it seems that we as a nation, have stuck to two options when it comes choosing a name.

What are the most popular baby names of 2018? Source: Getty

McCrindle researchers have found that the top two names in Australia are Charlotte for a little girl and Oliver for a little boy.

According to the research, more than one in ten Australian babies born each year, were given a name from the top 10.

So which names made the cut?

The top baby name in Australia is Oliver. Source: Getty

Top 10 names for boys

1. Oliver

2. William

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. Thomas

6. James

7. Lucas

8. Henry

9. Ethan

10. Mason

The top girls name in Australia is Charlotte. Source: Getty

Top 10 names for girls

1. Charlotte

2. Olivia

3. Ava

4. Amelia

5. Mia

6. Isla

7. Grace

8. Ella

9. Chloe

10. Harper

Some new names have made their debut in the Top 100, like Freya, Luna, Harlow, Aaron, Harley, Bodhi and Jude.

The research also found that some names have become extinct. Sharon, Kylie, Donna and Tracey, Darren, Craig and Brett are no longer popular.

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