American mum's hilarious gripe with Australian Bluey cartoon

Bluey, the cartoon dog that’s delighted children around the world, is back on TV this week.

But not all mums and dads are happy.

While the first of 11 brand new episodes aired on Monday, overseas parents are bracing themselves for what one mum has described as a “funny phenomenon".

“I’m sorry, but who else’s American child is out here speaking in an Australian accent,” Kait asked TikTok users.

“And now every Wednesday I have to get the tiny human up extra early so she can take out ‘the bins’ with me,” referring to America’s use of the phrase ‘trash cans’ for rubbish.

“I feel like my life has just become re-enacting all the different episodes of Bluey.”

A mother from America in a TikTok video
Kait, a mother from America, says her daughter has started speaking with an Aussie accent all thanks to Bluey, the kids cartoon from down under. Source: TikTok

Turns out Kait isn’t the only international mum raising a little Aussie.

In a post that has since received almost 120,000 likes and 4,000 comments, many American parents chimed in.

“My daughter doesn’t call our car trunk the ‘trunk’ ever,” one person wrote. “It’s the ‘boot’. We live in Oregon.”

“My child says that ‘Daddy is golfing with his mates’,” another said.

A further user added: “My daughter calls the ‘yard’ the ‘garden’ in an accent now.”

The Bluey bin episode
Bluey has inspired many American kids to start calling their trash cans bins. Source: ABC

While many Aussies commented on how the “tables have turned”.

“All I have to say is tough,” one Australian joked. “Aussie kids have been speaking like Americans forever!”

“As a parent of an Aussie child who says soda instead of soft drink and candy instead of lollies from watching American YouTube videos, welcome to my life!" another added.

Bluey top dog of US kids' TV

While no matter what side of the world you’re on, many parents are hailing the rise of Bluey as a welcome change.

“I am loving that an Aussie show has taken over the kids market,” one person wrote on Kait’s TikTok post.

“Everyone was talking with English accents through the Peppa Pig stage.”

With many parents remaining divided, one thing’s for sure: Bluey will remain top dog on TVs around the world.

“We love Bluey and I love all the words she’s [her daughter] picked up,” Kait said.

“I just think it’s a funny phenomenon.”

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