Australia’s average income revealed

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The average Aussie income has been revealed. Find out which states have the biggest pay packets. (Source: Getty)

The average Aussie has an income of $52,338, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the 2019/20 financial year, up 1.8 per cent from the previous year.

Aussies in the Australian Capital Territory had the highest median income ($68,325), while Tasmanians had the lowest ($47,909).

The ABS also broke down the data by local government area (LGA).

“The Local Government Area of Ashburton in Western Australia had the highest median total income in Australia ($99,367), followed closely by Roxby Downs in South Australia ($98,955)," Head of labour statistics at the ABS, Bjorn Jarvis, said.

In New South Wales, the LGAs with the highest average income were Woollahra ($81,096), North Sydney ($80,266), Mosman ($78,073) and Lane Cove ($74,773).

In Victoria, Yarra had the highest income ($69,025), followed by Stonnington ($68,889), Port Phillip ($65,804) and Bayside ($64,459).

Employee income was the main source of income for 77.5 per cent of Aussies, who received $54,161, on average.

The second biggest source of income was superannuation, which gave an average income of $22,828. Only 1.6 per cent of people received super income as their main source of income.

The ABS data looked at median incomes, this looks at the middle value and can provide a more accurate estimate of what a ‘typical’ person’s income is. This is compared to the mean average, which can be skewed by high-income earners.

Which states have the biggest incomes?

Here’s how much the average Aussie received in income in each state and territory:

  • NSW - $52,849

  • Victoria - $51,996

  • Queensland - $51,197

  • South Australia - $50,440

  • Western Australia - $55,208

  • Tasmania - $47,909

  • Northern Territory - $62,010

  • Australian Capital Territory - $68,325

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