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Australians caught up in ongoing cyber attacks


* Latitude Financial, March 2023: Close to 330,000 customer records and identification documents are stolen. Driver licence details are believed to be accessed

* TPG Telecom, December 2022: Emails of up to 15,000 corporate customers are accessed

* Queensland University of Technology, December 2022: Personal details of 11,405 current and former students and employees are accessed. Exposed information includes bank account and tax file numbers

* Fire Rescue Victoria, December 2022: The service's IT system is down for weeks and details from current and former employees, contractors and job applicants are accessed. FRV does not disclose how many people are affected

* Medibank Private, October 2022: About 9.7 million current and former customers affected. Personal information including names, birth dates, email addresses and health claims data is accessed

* Woolworths subsidiary MyDeal, October 2022: Some 2.2 million customers are affected, with names, phone numbers and birth dates accessed. For 1.2 million people, only email addresses are exposed

* Australian Federal Police, October 2022: Drug operation information and officer details are exposed after classified documents are hacked from the Colombian government. There are reports more than five million emails and tens of thousands of documents are accessed

* The Smith Family, October 2022: Hackers gain access to a worker's email address and the personal information of donors is exposed. The charity does not disclose how many people are affected

* Optus, September 2022: Initially, 9.8 million customers are said to be caught up in the cyber attack but that number is later revised down to 10,200. Passport, licence and Medicare numbers are exposed

* Energy Australia, September 2022: Information from 323 residential and small business customers is accessed. Data including electricity bills, phone numbers and some credit card details are exposed