Australian troops helping to prepare Ukrainian recruits

Ukrainian soldiers have gained a boost to their urban combat skills, thanks to the help of Australian soldiers.

Since January about 70 Australian infantry have been in the UK training the Ukrainian recruits, many of whom lack any background in combat.

The sessions have focused on basic first aid and how to secure the villages and cities where much of the conflict is taking place.

A Ukrainian interpreter told the Australian Defence Force he hoped the training would instil the "skills, the mindset and the training" to fight effectively.

Key skills include how to safely secure a stairway and how to apply a tourniquet to a blast injury. Ukrainians have also had the chance to practice weapon handling.

"Our people are our greatest defence capability, that's why it's so important that our soldiers ... provide essential skills to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supporting Ukraine to end the conflict on its own terms," said Matt Keogh, Minister for Defence Personnel.

To date, Australia has provided Ukraine with $655 million in support, including $475 million in military assistance.

Operation Kudu, as the program is known, is part of a multinational initiative led by the UK.

As part of the operation, Australian soldiers are scheduled to leave from Darwin on a rotational basis until the end of 2023. They will not enter Ukraine.