Surfer mauled by two sharks prepares for Paralympics

The Western Australia man who stunned Australia by surviving an attack by two great white sharks has done something even he thought was impossible - becoming a Paralympian.

Sean Pollard, 26, lost an arm and a hand wrestling his way out of the shark's jaws while he was teaching his girlfriend how to surf during a trip off Esperance in 2014.

"It's such a surreal situation to be in a shark attack," he told 7 News.

Mr Pollard was attacked by two sharks. Source: 7 News
Mr Pollard lost his arm, his hand and a chunk out of his leg. Source: 7 News

Mr Pollard lost his left arm, right hand and a chunk off his leg and was extremely lucky to survive.

"It was completely life changing," he said.

Mr Pollard was teaching his girlfriend how to surf at the time of the attack. Source: 7 News
He says he has had to learn how to live with his prosthetic arm. Source: 7 News

Now Mr Pollard is is facing the slopes of Korea and will compete in the snow board events at the Paralympic Winter Games next month.

"I never dreamed of competing at the Paralympics, It just kind of fell into place and I'm so happy to be going," he said.

Mr Pollard only saw snow for the first time in 2015. Source: 7 News
Mr Pollard will be competing in the Paralympics. Source: 7 News

He had only seen snow for the first time in 2015 when he jumped on a snow board while on holidays and it took off from there.

"The skills from surfing and skate boarding kind of cross over well with snow boarding," he said.

"Learning how to live life with a prosthetic hook, I've had to try a lot of things to live the life I do - I wasn't afraid to fail."