'Smarter than a 5th grader?': Driveway road rule quiz divides motorists

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Road users have been left stumped after being confronted with a quiz on a common cause of confusion among drivers and pedestrians.

In a post on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Facebook page, drivers were propositioned with the opportunity to see if they were “smarter than a fifth grader”.

People were asked to indicate who they thought had right of way in a situation where a car was turning into a driveway that a pedestrian was about to begin walking across.

“With an increase in children walking to and from school, who gives way? The orange car, or the pedestrian walking on the path?” the post said.

The vehicle would need to cross over a solid white line to enter the driveway, while the pedestrian would just continue straight ahead.

Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads shared this graphic and asked people who they thought should cross first. Source: Facebook/Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)

There were mixed opinions expressed by social media users in comments on the post, with some saying the pedestrian had right of way, while others were convinced it was illegal for the car to cross a solid line.

Some took a different stance, with one person saying: “Depends if they are walking slow or walking with the phone. Just drive in and horn it and they will run. Too many people using the phone while walking.”

“The child will give way because they'll know the driver won't obey the road rules,” another social media user contributed.

A third person offered another perspective, saying “common sense should prevail”.

“Car to give way to the pedestrian. The pedestrian should also be watching all little things and should make sure the vehicle is going to give way to them,” they wrote.

“The car gives way to pedestrians always. However, as there are idiots out on the roads in the majority, I have taught my kids this: give the car a wave to go ahead and move back away from the car. Once car is gone, carry on,” another added.

Generally pedestrians should always be given priority over cars. Source: Getty Images, file

Many people expressed their awareness of both parties needing to pay attention to what was happening around them if they were going to avoid an accident.

“Orange car gives way, although watching how people actually drive, you wouldn't know it,” one wrote.

The department’s website states drivers must always give way to pedestrians “on or entering a road you're turning into or entering”.

“The orange car needs to give way. Remember—when you're leaving a road, you must give way to pedestrians on the footpath you're intending to cross,” the department revealed underneath the post.

“Always keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially children who are still developing their road awareness skills. Take special care when you're driving near schools and playgrounds.”

In reply to a comment on the post, the department also clarified vehicles were permitted to cross a solid white line “to enter or leave a road”.

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