Australian police post stoner's to-do list

Are ur Saturdays hectic like this!!! To do list located at search warrant in Cooby. #MurdochLPT3

Australian police have revealed an insight into the life of a stoner -- or habitual marijuana smoker -- by publishing a 10-point 'to-do' list found during a raid in Perth.

Murdoch police tweeted a photo of the list, removing any identifying material, on April 30 which mentioned 10 'Things to do Saturday'.

Number one was 'Get up, get ready', but after mentioning catching a bus, and going shopping, number 10 read 'Chop up and get stoned'.

Number 5 was 'Go get lunch (chips and gravy)', 8 was a reminder to 'dye hair' and 9 mentioned getting "a stick" -- a reference to small amount of cannabis in aluminium foil.

"Are ur Saturdays hectic like this?" tweeted the police, a post which was retweeted hundreds of times.

Western Australia's Murdoch police later confirmed on Twitter that the to-do list was authentic, and found while investigating a suspected burglary.

In response to comments police posted: "I don't think any of us here could make it up if we tried! #nosenseofhumour."

But not everyone found the post humourous, questioning why the police thought they could publish the list on a public forum.

"The humour was why it was posted, we thought it was funny and did not disclose any identities," police replied.