Australian man identified as Portugal 'selfie' fall victim


An Australian man and his British girlfriend are dead after falling from a cliff overlooking a popular Portuguese tourist beach, reportedly while attempting to snap a “selfie”.

The couple plunged more than 30 metres to their deaths between 1am and 6am on Tuesday morning (local time) after falling from a beach wall in the seaside town of Ericeira, according to local media.

Local rescue service captain Rui Pereira da Terra told Portuguese news agency Lusa a mobile phone was found resting on the wall, suggesting a fatal photography mishap.

“It seems that (the victims) might be getting a ‘selfie’, when they let the phone fall, leaned over to grab it and fell,” he was quoted as saying.

The bodies were reportedly discovered below at Pescadores Beach by a council worker and later transported to Lisbon’s National Legal Medicine Institute.

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