Aussie, 72, knocked out by coward punch after Thai road rage incident

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: An elderly Australian man has been knocked out cold by a coward punch as he spoke to a police officer after a road rage incident in Pattaya, Thailand.

Video shows Gerard Collins, 72, talking to a policeman after the incident in which he was accused of chasing after a Thai driver with a machete.

The man comes up and berates Mr Collins before suddenly turning back and launching a punch into the side of the Australian expat's face.

The Thai man throws a punch hitting Gerard Collins. Source: Newsflare

The punch knocks him out cold. Blood pours from his face in front of Mr Collins' terrified eight-year-old daughter.

The Thai man, 28-year-old Sumet Rungratanapan, was wearing a large ring when he hit Mr Collins.

The punch knocks out the Australian man. Source: Newsflare

It's believed the road rage incident started after the cars collided near Mr Collins' daughter's school.

Mr Rungratanapan reportedly said the Australian rolled down his window and flipped him off and the argument escalated when Mr Collins took a machete to his car.

Dashcam video shows the lead-up to the incident where a man, believed to be Mr Collins, is seen chasing down another car.

He then gets back in his car and allegedly runs over the man, believed to be Mr Rungratanapan.

"I was driving my car and I wanted to overtake but the foreigner didn't want me to go in front of him. He moved the car in front of me," Mr Rungratanapan told local media.

"After that I said sorry because I scratched his car but then the foreigner was shouting and swearing at me. It made me angry and I started to talk bad back to him.

"I walked over to him and he took the knife and he attacked my car with it. I was so angry and I just punched him."

He fell to the ground after being punched. Source: Newsflare

Mr Rungratanapan followed Mr Collins to outside his daughter's school where he found him talking to police.

In the video, Mr Collins tells the officer he "bashed the car".

He was treated for a cut to the side of his face.

The Australian 72-year-old was adamant he was not at fault.

"The other guy started it," Mr Collins told

"I was just on my way to school," he said. "Three or four times there was a pushing match on the road.

"I went to get a garden tool, a chopper, from the back of my car to protect myself.

"I told him to stop but he kept on coming for me, I thought he was going to kill me."

Mr Collins was seen with a bloody face and in front of his daughter. Source: Newsflare

Both men attended the police station for questioning on the alleged incident.

So far, neither of the men have been charged.