'So Australian': Driver branded by scorching hot seatbelt buckle

Victoria’s scorching heatwave has left a driver with one of the most Australian injuries you could possibly imagine.

The driver had just stepped into his car in a small town near Echuca in Victoria’s northwest last week when the piping hot buckle branded his skin.

“It hit 45 degrees Celsius in our area today and my boyfriend got instantly branded by his seatbelt buckle getting into his car,” the man’s partner captioned a photo on Reddit.

“It’s already peeling.”

The poor driver suffered a brutal burn upon stepping into his car on a 45C day. Image: Reddit/Goodcelery

In response to the overwhelming reaction from Reddit users, the victim’s partner continued to provide condition updates, showing the burn starting to blister and peel.

“This is my favourite Reddit story. It’s hilariously Australian and relatable,” one man wrote.

“This, and whacking your shin on a tow ball are the coming of age moments of my people,” said another.

The scorching burn started to blister within days. Image: Reddit/Goodcelery
This one looks like it is going to leave a mark. Image: Reddit/Goodcelery

His partner said the burn wasn’t painful as long as it was kept covered. 

“I reckon when it’s healed he’ll have a pretty cool scar,” his partner added.

The injury was a direct result of the savage heatwave that welcomed Victorians into 2019.

Mildura, Swan Hill, Kerang and Echuca in the state’s northwest reached highs of 45 while Melbourne also hit the low 40s.

Vic bushfire to burn for up to two weeks

Firefighters are expected to remain at the scene of a bushfire in Victoria’s Gippsland region for up to a fortnight, despite managing to bring the blaze under control.

Crews on Tuesday successfully stopped the spread of the bushfire, about six kilometres south of Rosedale, which had been burning out-of-control since Friday.

Victoria’s Rosedale blaze could continue to burn for up to two weeks. Source: AAP

A contingent of 260 firefighters – working both on the ground and in the air – has been bolstered by reinforcements from western Victoria. They will now concentrate on managing an 83km perimeter still actively burning.

CFA spokeswoman Tammy Garrett told AAP the fire could take up to two weeks to be fully extinguished due to the nature of the terrain and windy conditions forecast.

“We believe it could be a couple of weeks before the fire is fully extinguished because of the terrain. An 80km perimeter is a fair distance to manage,” she said.

The blaze will continue to create smoke, which could affect people suffering respiratory problems as well as the young and elderly, Ms Garrett added.

– With AAP