City's push for gender neutral bathroom signs divides opinion

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

Hobart is considering adding gender neutral signage to public toilets.

The matter was discussed in a meeting of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee on September 12.

However, the signs discussed would be posters and not installed on a permanent basis.

Council found it would cost $2550 to install permanent signs to about 102 toilets across the city.

Councillor Holly Ewin, who identifies as non-binary, told Yahoo News Australia they wanted to see the signage installed permanently.

Hobart is considering adding posters for gender neutral bathrooms to be more inclusive to trans people. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

“It’s because it’s a public safety issue,” they said.

“While a lot of people get assaulted it’s more common for trans people to be assaulted when using a bathroom they feel is either assigned to them or fits their gender.”

They added it would also help educate the public about trans people.

However, not everyone is keen on the proposal.

Women Speak Tasmania spokeswoman Bronwyn Williams told The Australian she was concerned about men being in the same bathroom as young women.

“We are in no way saying that all transgender women are sexual predators,” she said.

“If I had daughters, I wouldn’t be letting them go in by themselves if this sort of policy was in place and there is a sign saying, ‘If you see a man, just accept that he’s a woman and respect his identity’.”

Hobart City Council told Yahoo News Australia the proposal was a “work in progress”.

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