Americans react like stunned mullets to Aussie birthday cheer

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An American expat has expressed her shock at an Australian custom for birthday celebrations.

Lara Fourie, or llarafourie on TikTok, is an American living in Australia. She has been living here since 2017.

Recently, she's been sharing videos to TikTok detailing the "culture shocks" she's had since moving here.

In Part Two of her series, Ms Fourie listed off a few things which may seem odd to people who are not Australian, or grew up overseas.

The first one was the "hip-hip hooray" some Aussie's will finish off "Happy Birthday" with, before the birthday person is about to blow out the candles.

An American living in Australia has put together some of the things she found shocking since moving to Australia. Source: TikTok/llarafourie
An American living in Australia has put together some of the things she found shocking since moving to Australia. Source: TikTok/llarafourie

Hip-hip hooray blows Americans away

US expat Americans have recently turned to Tiktok to express their surprise at the "hip-hip hooray" cheer.

And Australians have found it hard to believe Americans are not familiar with the routine.

"As if they don't sing hip hip, hooray," someone commented on the video.

"If you're confused by hip hip hooray, you're in for a surprise with 'true blue'," another person said, referring to the drinking song some will sing, forcing someone to scull their drink.

Another person who said they were Mexican-American said the "hip-hip hooray" was a nice addition to the song, but they did miss having their family"slamming" them into the cake.

Another person actually made a video about how bizarre the tradition is, after his girlfriend mentioned how "weird" it was.

"The more you think about it, the weirder it becomes," @keanureeves3rdstepcousin said in a TikTok video. 

"It's like this unspoken rule that people have is like, there will always be someone that says "hip hip", and then everyone else says 'hooray'.

"On the day, no one ever decides who it's going to be like, who says, 'hip, hip', but everyone in the room knows exactly who it's going to be."

No Maccas frozen Coke in the US?

Ms Fourie had a few other things she mentioned that she had to get used to when she moved to Australia, including a healthcare system which doesn't send people broke for seeking medical attention.

Another oddity Ms Fourie mentioned was a sentence a friend said to her.

"Let me shout you Maccas," her friend said to her, according to the video, only getting more confused when her friend mentioned a Frozen Coke.

 Dozens of viewers were shocked that the US stores don't have Frozen Cokes - although they are familiar with Slurpees, which are almost the same thing.

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