Australia weather: Two months' rain set to fall over a few days

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Parts of Australia could be in for as much as two to three months’ worth of rain in just days.

Weatherzone meteorologist Craig McIntosh told Yahoo News Australia a cut-off low is moving through Western Australia towards South Australia.

A cut-off low is a low pressure system cut off from the main belt of southwesterly winds in the southern parts of the country. They can bring cold temperatures but also heavy rainfall.

While Wednesday won’t see much rain, Thursday will see some areas cop showers in inland regions of Australia.

“Thursday it’ll get heavier with rain extending east (in SA) across to Channel Country in western Queensland,” Mr McIntosh said.

The action will continue through to Saturday.

“Saturday will be the wettest day and some places in western NSW, northwest Victoria, eastern South Australia and southwest Queensland could see triple to double the monthly rainfall,” he said.

Inland NSW, Queensland and SA to cop a drenching

It’s good news for farmers and his forecast was echoed by Sky News meteorologist Tom Saunders.

Mr Saunders said western and northern South Australia, and southwest Queensland could receive “about two months’ worth of rain”.

He put it down to the climate driver La Nina bringing “abundant rain”.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts four-day rainfall for areas of South Australia with totals reaching 60-100mm.

Adelaide won’t receive the brunt of it though with 5-15mm forecast on Thursday, little to no rain Friday and 4-8mm Saturday.

It’s a different story for Moomba in the state’s east though with up to 70mm possible across both Friday and Saturday.

In Queensland, Birdsville in the southwest is forecast for up to 40mm across the same two days while Thargomindah could get 45mm.

The rain will barely hit southeast Queensland though with Brisbane to experience light showers from Friday onwards of up to 2-5mm across the weekend into next week.

A man runs in a wet Brisbane park.
Brisbane won't receive a deluge but should get a few showers over the next few days. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Sunday is the exception though with a possible 10mm forecast.

In the far west of NSW, Broken Hill, Menindee and Wentworth could all receive 20-25mm of rain on Saturday before the system dissipates.

Similar to Queensland, the eastern parts of the state won’t receive much of the rain as the system stays around the interior with Sydney forecast for about 1mm on both Friday and Saturday, and 3mm on Sunday..

Mr McIntosh added the system is “dynamic” and could be subject to changes.

“It’s always best to keep up with the forecast,” he said.

Western Australia has hot days ahead

While the rain hits the eastern interior of Australia, some parts in WA are in for sweltering heat.

Exmouth, Onslow, Dampier and Port Hedland are all due for temperatures topping 30 degrees on Thursday and Friday.

Port Hedland is forecast for tops above 30 through to Tuesday with a high of 38 on Wednesday and Thursday.

As for other areas across the country, Hobart is in for a temperature drop of about four from Wednesday to Thursday.

The city could reach a top of just 13 and a low of 6. Launceston has a top of 15 and low of 6.

Darwin has mostly sunny conditions on Thursday with a high of 33 while Perth will be cloudy with a top of 23.

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