Australia Post warns of holiday text message scam

Australia Post has issued a warning over a realistic text messaging scam targeting their customers.

The text message, which comes from a sender named “AusPost”, says: “The results are in, and your address has been drawn!” 

Victims said the link leads to malware, which locks your device and demands a fee to unlock it. 

Jess Watt, one of the victims, said she was left anxious after scammers got sensitive information.

Australia Post is warning anyone who gets this text message to ignore it as it contains a link to malware. Source: Australia Post

“They didn’t only have my name and phone number… they had my full address, which really concerned me because that coincided with the delivery of my package,” Ms Watt said. 

Australia Post is warning its customers via Facebook that “fraudulent SMSs are circulating advising customers that their address has been drawn”.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and police agreed Christmas time is a peak period for scammers not only targeting those receiving gifts and deliveries, but those who shop regularly online. 

The scam is targeting Australia Post customers through their mobile phones. Source: AAP/Getty

Queensland Fair Trading’s Michelle Jamena said the scams look “so real”.

“They will catch you off guard when you least expect it,” she said.

Australia Post insists it never asks for or gives out personal information.