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Australia Post issues apology after driver's alarming act: 'Do they even have a licence?'

Dashcam footage in Melbourne captures the moment the van keeps reversing despite the warning from behind.

Australia Post has been forced to issue an apology after one of its drivers backed into another vehicle despite the car behind blasting its horn as a warning.

In a dashcam video taken in Melbourne on January 27 the white van can be seen reversing down a driveway in Alphington.

Despite the horn protests of the dashcam owner behind, the Australia Post contractor continues his manoeuvre before reversing into the car.

With a loud crash the vehicles collide, sending the camera bouncing up and down, before the van is seen driving forward when the video cuts out.

The Australia Post vehicle as it crashed into the other vehicle.
Footage from a driver's dashcam shows the moment an Australia Post contractor reversed into another vehicle. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia (Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia)

‘Do they even have a licence?’

The clip has since gone viral, racking up more than 34,000 views online.

“Seriously who doesn’t look in their mirrors (all three of them) when reversing?” one person asked. “Do they even have a licence?”

“Apparently rear vision mirrors are optional,” said another.

“The best door to door delivery I have seen from Australia Post in a long time,” joked another.

While others were thankful no one was injured.

“Too bad if it was a person walking around,” wrote one Facebook user.

Australia Post working to resolve matter

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Australia Post said the contractor acted very quickly after the incident and jumped out to exchange details with the vehicle owner.

“We sincerely apologise for this incident which is not in line with the high standards we expect when delivering to the community,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“We’ve contacted the vehicle owner to apologise directly and our delivery contractor, who is fully insured, is working to resolve the matter as soon as possible.”

Australia Post added that no parcels were damaged in the incident and all went on to be successfully delivered.

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