Australia Post driver praised for helping self-isolating couple

A woman in isolation after visiting a Covid-19 hotspot has praised her postie who went "above and beyond" to help them out.

Taking to Facebook, Kirsten Walpole Sinnamon explained she had just moved a few months back, but recently she went away for two weeks and was in Melbourne.

When she returned to Queensland, Victoria was declared a coronavirus hotspot, forcing her and her husband into isolation.

Ms Sinnamon told 7News the rules changed while she was flying home, so she and her husband went straight into quarantine.

A note from a woman in isolation asking her postie to help her out.
A woman isolating after returning from Victoria was stunned when her postie went out of her way to help her out. Source: Facebook/The Kindness Pandemic

When they arrived home, there were notices from Australia Post informing them there was a parcel ready to be collected from the post office, saying it needed to be collected soon, or it would be returned to the sender.

Of course, the couple were not allowed to leave their home and despite trying to call, Ms Sinnamon was unable to be connected to her local post office.

That's when she decided to stick a note to her mailbox, addressed to the postie.

"We're stuck in iso after visiting first grand baby in Melbourne last week," the letter says.

"Is it possible to re-deliver our parcel, please? We'll be here all week. Understand if it's not."

Because the couple only just moved in, they don't yet know their postie, Lisa. Despite this she went to great lengths to deliver the parcel.

Lisa called Ms Sinnamon the same day she left the note to ask if the parcel needed to be redirected.

The package the postie deliver to the family in isolation.
Lisa the postie went to the mail centre just to pick up the parcel and redeliver it. Source: Facebook/The Kindness Pandemic

"When I explained the home isolation situation she came back & delivered it this afternoon!!" Ms Sinnamon explained on Facebook.

"We would have been completely happy if they’d just been able to hold it for the week until we’re allowed out to collect, or even delivered the next day. We’re over the moon with appreciation to receive it today!

"Posties are awesome."

People praise postie's actions

Several other people on Facebook agreed Lisa was simply great for going out of her way to help out a couple stuck in isolation.

"There are some pretty good one's out there," someone said in the comments.

"Nice to see them getting praised for a change instead of all the negative posts," someone else said.

Others were sharing their positive interactions with their posties in the comments of Ms Sinnamon's post.

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