Australia Post driver blasted over '10cm' move: 'Disrespectful'

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A 'house proud' homeowner has been left fuming after an Australia Post delivery man left behind muddy tyre marks on her lawn.

Pictures shared by the woman on social media show the edge of her grass near her letterbox torn up by the tyres.

She immediately pointed the finger at the postie for ruining her lawn.

"So disappointed and angry at Australia Post for wrecking our lawn," she wrote on a private Facebook group.

"Totally disrespectful. We are very house proud and this just makes us so mad."

One person in the comments argued if the postie was just 10cm over they could avoid the grass and remain on their bike to deliver the mail.

People mentioned they had seen a lot of these marks recently, though one person said this particular instance was not the worst they had seen and suggested the woman could get a PO box if she wanted the postie to say off her lawn.

One person replied to the woman and said the weather was partly to blame for the uptick in "postie tracks".

"Postie tracks" were left on one woman's lawn. Source: Facebook
"Postie tracks" were left on one woman's lawn. Source: Facebook

"With this weather, a lot of us are getting postie tracks, including myself," one person said.

"But I do not expect them to stop and walk from the road to deliver my mail. Far too many houses for that. Get your mail delivered elsewhere or leave a sign out there telling them to throw the mail from the road? I prefer to just put up with the tracks till the ground dries up."

In the wake of the "postie tracks", an Australia Post spokesperson previously told Yahoo News Australia sometimes posties have to travel on footpaths and nature strips to deliver mail.

"Australia Post works hard every day to deliver letters and parcels to millions of Australians, and in line with our community service obligations we are required to deliver to letterboxes, located on the boundary of each address, where it is safe to do so," a spokesperson said.

"This means our posties will travel between one home and another, including on footpaths and nature strips, in every corner of our country.

"We will always work with the local community to ensure we minimise any damage, however, factors such as extremely wet weather can mean that grassed areas are heavier than normal, and where damage has occurred while providing this essential service we apologise."

Pictured is an Australia Post postie delivering mail on the footpath
Australia Post posties are allowed to travel on nature strips and the footpath to deliver mail. Source: AAP Image/Australia Post

A recent lawn-related incident caused one homeowner to take some drastic measures — putting tape up around his lawn to prevent posties from driving on it.

This solution was not well-received when he shared pictures of his lawn barricaded off on Facebook. The man also reached out to Australia Post to complain and shared the response he received on Facebook.

He was told posties are the "only ones" who are allowed to drive on someone's nature strip and are given that permission by the local council.

Australia Post also told the man local council owns the section of land between a property boundary and the road.

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