Australia Post customer slams 'disrespectful' delivery fail

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An Australia Post customer has taken to social media to blast the mail service over a recent parcel delivery.

The customer shared the complaint to the Australia Post Complaints group on Facebook, including a sarcastic comment along with two photos of the damaged item.

The photographs show a rectangular cardboard box sealed with Australia Post branded packing tape. The end of the box has crumpled in an accordion-like manner on the top and bottom.

“Great job Australia Post, you outdid yourself in handling my parcel,” the post reads.

A crushed package. Source: Facebook
Australia Post has been slammed for damaging packages during shipping. Source: Facebook

The post has received dozens of comments from group members.

“No respect for people’s belongings,” commented one person.

“I’d lodge a complaint,” wrote another.

“They should at least make an effort to puff the box out,” wrote a third.

One person who commented on the post hit back at the original poster, alleging that fast delivery times may be to blame for the crumpled package.

“You want your parcels faster but no damage to the packaging. Just be patient due to the influx of online purchasing,” they wrote.

The original poster responded stating that delivery timers were not of concern to them.

“I didn’t post about the time frame, the state of the box is the complaint, it’s called duty of care,” they said.

“If you buy a new car and the car sales guy crashes into something, should you just suck it up? I don’t think so.”

An Australia Post spokesperson has indicated to Yahoo News Australia that they’ve looked at the customer’s post.

“Our people are working hard to deliver a record amount of parcels for our customers, and while the vast majority arrive safely, in this case it is clear something has gone wrong,” the spokesperson said.

While being commended for outstanding changes to their parcels, Australia Post has also recently come under fire for wet parcels, smashed items and failed delivery attempts.

Collectable ‘luckily’ undamaged inside torn box

Another frustrated customer has lashed out at Australia Post after receiving a damaged parcel containing a collectable.

The customer’s post, which tagged Australia Post, was made on their personal Facebook page.

“Nice job Australia Post,” the customer wrote.

A torn white box. Source: Facebook
The Australia Post customer said their collectable item, which was inside this ripped box, was luckily unharmed. Source: Facebook

The post features an image of a white cardboard box that has ripped in two places on the box’s top flaps.

“Something heavy has fallen on it,” one commenter said.

“I can never trust them, I’m so anxious for my package to come,” commented another.

Other people asked the poster if their collectable was damaged.

“It wasn’t damaged, luckily the person who sent it packaged my collectible properly in bubble wrap,” they said.

An Australia Post spokesperson has told Yahoo News that customers with concerns about their delivery should contact them directly.

“We always recommend that parcels are packaged appropriately, with adequate protection such as cushioning around the item, and we encourage customers to contact us if they have concerns about their delivery service,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said customers can call 13POST or via visit the AusPost website's help page with any concerns.

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