Angry homeowner's controversial move after Australia Post complaint

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A homeowner has hit out at Australia Post sparking a furious debate online, with many users slamming him for his abrasive approach to the situation.

The Facebook user posted a photo of his nature strip covered with tyre marks, blaming it on a postie driving over the grassed area to get to the letterbox.

"My house is on the market and today my postie decided he’d tear up my nature strip despite the fact there’s a GIANT service lane they could have used," the man complained on a private Facebook page.

Two pictures showing tyre marks on the grass which the man blamed on an Australia Post employee.
The man complained about the state of his nature strip blaming it on an Australia Post employee. Source: Facebook

The man sparked a further debate after posting his 'solution' to the problem, posting a picture of his lawn with red tape around it to prevent anyone from driving on it.

"I feel your pain," one user commented. "It’s like they do it intentionally when the ground is at its wettest."

"I’d be pissed. It takes a lot of care and money to keep grass nice like this," agreed another.

However, not everyone sided with the man's complaints many saying he should be more considerate of the recent weather and how that has affected the delivery for Australia Post.

An Australian Post worker delivering letters to a house with a bike parked near the letterbox.
The man claimed an Australian Post worker damaged the nature strip outside his house. Source: Facebook

In a later comment, the man posted a picture of a postie delivering mail with his bike parked near the grass, but users were quick to point out he didn't have any proof it was a postie who caused the damage.

"You really shouldn't point fingers," one woman commented. "Plus the nature strip is in fact council property.. Not yours".

"The postie missed everyone's lawn but yours," another observed, while someone else said it's not uncommon when there are no footpaths available.

In NSW, nature strips are owned by the local council and generally divide private land from the road. It's unknown what state the man lives in.

Australia Post responded by saying posties ride on nature strips for efficiency

The customer said in the post he had reached out to Australia Post, who suggested the damage could have been caused by the recent rain in NSW and that posties are given permission to ride over nature strips for efficiency.

"Our posties are the only ones who are allowed to drive on your nature strip, given they are given that permission by your local council who are the owners of that section of land between your property boundary and the road," a response from Australia Post screenshotted and uploaded by the user read.

Front yard of a house with red tape around the nature strip.
The man was called out for how he handled the situation. Source: Facebook

"For efficiency, posties are required to ride from letterbox to letterbox whenever possible, rather than riding back down the driveway and onto the road to access the next address.

"I only mention this because the damage in your photos is not unexpected following heavy rain, albeit on the [worse] end of the spectrum," the response continued, adding they will look into the matter further and consider compensation.

Users suggest moving the letterbox

Another Australia Post customer complained about a similar situation, only to have it backfire after Facebook users told her she should move her mailbox rather than whinge about the nature strip.

"Get your postie to stay off my lawn," the woman wrote, alongside pictures of tyre marks on the grass.

Tyre marks on the grass near the letter box.
A woman had a similar complaint but was slammed by Facebook users. Source: Facebook

"Posties have every legal right to ride on the footpath, they are the only ones allowed to," a woman responded. "How can they deliver, if they card you’ll whinge.

"It’s not ideal but at least you have a house," she continued. "See the poor buggers in Lismore."

Other users suggested ways to avoid the problem by putting bricks on the grass to make a path for the bike or buying a letterbox to put near the road.

"It's annoying but they can't get off the bike and walk to the box at each house," another agreed.

"It'd take forever and then people would be complaining about delays".

Australia Post says wet weather can cause damage while delivering mail

Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia posties are sometimes required to travel on footpaths and nature strips to deliver mail.

"Australia Post works hard every day to deliver letters and parcels to millions of Australians, and in line with our community service obligations we are required to deliver to letterboxes, located on the boundary of each address, where it is safe to do so," a spokesperson said.

"This means our posties will travel between one home and another, including on footpaths and nature strips, in every corner of our country.

"We will always work with the local community to ensure we minimise any damage, however factors such as extremely wet weather can mean that grassed areas are heavier than normal, and where damage has occurred while providing this essential service we apologise."

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