Australia offers the Pacific more vaccines

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Australia has denied accusations it is sabotaging Chinese aid programs by offering Pacific nations more coronavirus vaccines.

International Development Minister Zed Seselja has pledged 15 million doses for Timor-Leste and Pacific countries by mid-2022.

Most of the doses will be AstraZeneca, which Australia produces domestically and has vast quantities of stock to give away, particularly after several updates to recommended age ranges for the jabs.

Senator Seselja said the Australian government had already given the region more than half a million vaccines since March, along with essential equipment.

Chinese state-owned media has accused Australia of sabotaging the country's Pacific aid programs and interfering in vaccine rollouts throughout the region.

Senator Seselja said that was "absolutely not the case".

"Obviously, when we see that, it's rejected by the Australian government," he told the ABC.

He said Australia had a long record of providing high-quality healthcare support, including vaccines, in the region.

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