Australia keeps pressure for MH17 justice

The Australian and Dutch governments will not let go of their bid to seek justice for the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

MH17 was a passenger flight shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 passengers and crew, including 38 Australians.

Australian families of the victims have travelled to the Netherlands for the verdict in a trial of four men, with links to Russia, accused of mass murder for their alleged roles in the tragedy.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in Bali for the G20 meeting, said he and his Australian counterparts would continue to fight for justice for the victims and their families.

"The only way to ever see justice is to not let go of this ... to keep the momentum going," he told reporters.

"You have to maintain the pressure and heat ... the Russian government are not comfortable with this, they don't like it, they don't want all this publicity.

"This is what we need to do for the people who lost loved ones."

Mr Rutte expected the day of the verdict to be difficult for families of the victims, but hoped it could also be positive in the midst of tragedy.

"All the countries who lost loved ones in this terrible crash in 2014, we will never let go of this," he said.

With Reuters