Australia condemns Brazil Congress riots

Anthony Albanese has added Australia's name to widespread condemnation after protesters stormed Brazil's Congress.

Supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro have rioted through the nation's capital, showing hallmarks of the fatal insurrection in the US on January 6, 2021.

Along with Congress, the thousands-strong crowd broke into the Supreme Court and surrounded the presidential palace, continuing to refuse to accept the outcome of last October's election.

President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who was sworn in just a week ago, labelled the protesters "fascist fanatics" and said they must be punished.

Prime Minister Albanese said his government backed democracies and called for people to respect the outcome of elections.

"The actions of a small number of people are condemned by the Australian government, we'll continue to convey our support to the government of Brazil at this difficult time," he told reporters.

The PM said it was "up to others to speculate" if Mr Bolsanaro's supporters were inspired by the January 6 insurrection, in which supporters of former US president Donald Trump invaded Washington's Capitol building.

"What's very clear, though, is when democracies have elections, it's important they be respected," Mr Albanese said.

"Tragically, we've seen here actions that look a bit similar to what happened at the US Capitol building on January 6 after the election of President Biden ... it's important we respect democratic processes."

Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Simon Birmingham echoed the PM's sentiment.

"There is no place for violence in the face of democratic outcomes," he tweeted.

"Those who can influence protesters should use all their influence to have them end such violence."