'Double-edged sword': Flash flooding risk brings new danger to firefighters in Victoria

The threat of flash flooding has Victorian authorities worried as firefighters battle bushfires in the state.

While wet weather means relief for exhausted firefighters in Victoria's northeast and East Gippsland through Friday night, the reprieve means fresh complications.

"We have got to be conscious for the potential for flash flooding and that's dangerous for our firefighters on the ground," Victorian Emergency Services Commissioner Andrew Crisp told the ABC.

The East Gippsland region in Victoria was devastated by fires and is now at risk of flash flooding. Source: AAP IMAGE/State Government of Victoria

Jonathan Howe, from the Bureau Of Meteorology, said there had been rain through Victoria and NSW.

But it was only around 5-10mm in most areas, well below what is needed to end the bushfire crisis.

Mr Howe said the bushfire damage added to the risk of flooding when the rain comes.

"With the little bit of rainfall, it can make access to the fire sites more difficult for firefighters – it is a bit of a double-edged sword," he said.

Flash floods could spell new complications for firefighters in Victoria. Pictured is a flooded street in the Alpine region back in 2017. Source: AAP Image/Brendan McCarthy

"Especially with some heavy rainfall, a lot of the trees are gone and so the ground just isn't able to soak up the excess (water).

"It does lead to quite a bit of runoff and some erosion as well."

Overall, milder conditions are forecast for the next few days in the bushfire areas.

"It's a bit of good news and bad news, but certainly a lot of communities are not complaining for some rainfall," Mr Howe said.

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