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When Australia will get access to nuclear submarines


*2023 - Upgrades to Australian shipyards and naval facilities ahead of the construction and rotation of nuclear-powered submarines.

*2024 - Increased visits from US and UK nuclear submarines.

*2026 - Two years of work begins for the first Australian Collins-class submarine to have its life extended until the late 2030s.

*2027 - Four American nuclear-powered submarines and one UK vessel will begin rotating through Western Australia.

*2033 - Scheduled arrival of the first Australian-operated US Virginia-class submarine.

*2036 - Scheduled arrival of a second Virginia-class submarine.

*Late 2030s - UK to build and operate the first AUKUS-class submarine. Australia's Collins-class submarines to enter the decommissioning process.

*2039 - Scheduled arrival of a third Virginia-class submarine.

*2042 - Australia to take command of its first AUKUS-class submarine. One of the next-generation submarines will be delivered every three years up until the mid-1950s, with Canberra operating a fleet of eight submarines, including the Virginia class.

*2042 - Optional purchase of a potential two extra Virginia-class submarines to plug any gaps caused by construction delays in the AUKUS line.