Aussies willing to spend big to save pets

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Pet-loving Australians are willing to spend thousands of dollars to save their furry best mates before contemplating a trip to the vet to put them down, researchers say.

Dog owners would fork out $3532 on average and cat owners would spend $2618, a new survey of 1011 people found.

The research also found 17 per cent of dog owners would cough up more than $10,000, while six per cent would spend more than $15,000.

In comparison, just 10 per cent of cat owners would pay more than $10,000, with four per cent willing to spend more than $15,000.

There were more than 29 million pets in Australia in 2019, which owners spent an estimated $13 billion on, according to the RSPCA.

Women were willing to devote 105 per cent more than men before considering putting their dog down ($4725 to $2307 respectively).

While women cat owners were willing to shell out 164 per cent more than men ($3845 compared to $1454).

Gen X would spend the least to save their cat ($1950) or dog ($3080), while Gen Z would spend the most.

But, while the average pet owner was willing to spend more on their dog, Gen Z are willing to fork out $5326 for their cat, compared to $4827 for their dog.

The survey also found there were many pet owners who weren't willing to shell out much money for their companions, with 43 per cent of dog owners and 48 per cent of cat owners saying they wouldn't spend more than $500 to save their pet.

The research was compiled by the comparison website Finder.

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