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Aussies take extreme measures to cut costs: ‘Paying with my sanity’

The rising cost of living has hit bank accounts, and Aussies are sharing how they’re saving money.

A composite image of a woman shopping in a grocery store and a copy of a reddit post of someone talking about how they are fighting the rising cost of living.
Aussies have shared how they're cutting costs. (Source: Getty / Reddit @eftaylor16)

The cost of living is rising and Aussies are sharing the ways in which they’re saving money and cutting costs, with some taking more extreme measures than others.

In the popular AusFinance subreddit, user polymath-intentions asked Aussies what they were actually doing to cut back on expenses, and the results were interesting.

“Many of us know what we should do (negotiate interest rates, shop at Aldi, cut takeaway coffees and avo toast), but what have you actually done and stuck with?” polymath-intentions said.

Shockingly many users said they had cut back on food, and eating in general.

“Intermittent Fasting. Getting a jump on starvation,” one user said.

“Food is such a large expense. I've been doing the same but with a keto diet. Down to one to two meals a day and not feeling hungry. Halved my food bill,” another said.

Others said they had changed their living arrangements to save themselves from the rental crisis.

“Moved back in with my family. Saving on rent but paying with my sanity,” one user said.

“I have to go between my mum and my dad’s places, and I’m paying board at both… and it’s still cheaper than rent,” another commented.

Another user said meal prepping was the way to go, making a large portion once a week and freezing the rest.

“I have been making vegetable stew with frozen veg and a roast chook and soup mix and stock. Really healthy and cheap,” they said.

A few also suggested using gift cards to purchase food and alcohol, ensuring to buy those offering an extra 5-10 per cent more value.

“Buying groceries with eGift cards for 4 per cent off everything + SIM plan through Woolworths Mobile for 10 per cent off a big shop each month. Alcohol for special occasions only, from Dan Murphy's (again using 5 per cent off eGift cards lol) and sticking to a longneck or a cheap bottle of wine etc,” one user said.

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