Aussies overpaying hundreds for internet: ‘Outrageous’

Aussies are paying up to three times more for the same broadband service.

Composite image of Jack Wilson and Australian money. Saving money on internet concept.
Jack Wilson recently switched internet providers. (Source: Supplied/Getty)

After dealing with infuriatingly slow internet speeds, Jack Wilson had enough and decided to switch providers, and even managed to save some money in the process.

“I was unhappy with the speed of my current provider – I wasn’t getting the speeds it was promising,” Jack said.

“I was experiencing a lot of buffering while streaming from Netflix, Kayo and others at night, so that was my main motivation. Saving money on top was a nice bonus.”

Jack is currently paying $74.99 a month for 50Mbps download speeds and will soon switch to a provider offering the same speeds for $53.95 a month for six months, before reverting to $74.95.

The academic researcher encouraged other Aussies looking to switch providers to do their research and check out comparison sites.

“Before calling your provider to cancel, know what you want the outcome to be, because in my experience they tried to talk me out of it. I knew I could get a better deal elsewhere before making the call.”

And Jack is not alone. In fact, new research from Mozo found Aussies could save hundreds by switching to a cheaper broadband service with the same internet speeds.

Aussies overpaying hundreds

Aussies could save as much as $1,074 per year by switching from the most to the least expensive standard NBN 25 broadband plan, according to Mozo’s research.

For 5G internet plans, Aussies could save up to $490 per year by making the same switch on their home broadband.

Mozo spokesperson Kylie Moss said Aussies were getting slugged with rising costs from every angle and urged consumers to shop around.

“Don’t think that the best way to reduce your broadband cost is to reduce the speed of your broadband,” Moss said.

“We found that customers on slower speed plans have the most to benefit from shopping around.”

Mozo broadband internet plan savings.
Mozo found Aussies could save hundreds by switching internet plans. (Source: Mozo)

The most expensive standard broadband NBN 25 plan on Mozo’s database is currently $1,638.40, while the cheapest is $563.70.

“It is outrageous that some people could be paying three times as much for the same service,” Moss said.

“We urge Aussies to drop the set and forget mentality and hunt down a better deal that will suit your home internet needs as well as your budget.”

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