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Aussies caught in ugly mid-air stoush on AirAsia flight: 'YOU'RE DEAD'

Two Australian men have been filmed threatening other passengers before they were booted from their flight to Thailand.

The duo were on a flight departing Kuala Lumpur for Phuket on Boxing Day when another passenger began filming as security approach their seats.

As the men stand up in the plane aisle, people at the back of the plane start to clap – but the incident is far from over.

“We’re not getting off, we’re not getting off d**kheads,” a man wearing a black T-shirt and a black cap yells at them.

A man in a red tshirt stands in the plane aisle and threatens another passenger onboard the AirAsia flight.
One of the men tells a passenger at the back of the AirAsia plane: "You're dead." Source: TikTok

“F**king mutts,” his friend – wearing red – shouts. “We’ll see yous there, sick c**ts. We’ll see yous there.”

“I’m coming to Thailand dog, watch,” the man in black adds.

In a second video uploaded to TikTok, the man in black is seated again but a flight attendant tells him the captain has made the decision to remove them from the plane.

“I was here before everybody,” he says.

The man in red then takes his bag from the overhead compartment and leaves the plane, but not before one more jab at the passengers at the back of the plane.

“You’re dead when you get there,” he smiles, drawing a line across his neck.

In the third and final video in the saga, airline staff tell the man in black that he also has to leave the plane.

He too singles out a passenger at the back of the plane, saying “which one was it? You, mister hat. Watch.” He then grabs his bag and leaves amid an outbreak of applause from the remaining travellers.

The man who posted the clips online claimed one of the men had lost something before the situation escalated. He praised airline staff for their “amazing” approach to the riled-up passengers.

A second man leaves the plane as AirAsia security staff stand in the aisles.
The plane erupted into applause as the second man is told leave the aircraft. Source: TikTok

“Credit to all dedicated AirAsia staff and security staff, FA and flight deck for [your] professional actions,” he wrote.

“Thank God everything ended well on the flight and we safely took off and landed after this drama incident.”

It’s unclear what sparked the incident. Yahoo News Australia has contacted AirAsia for more information.

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