Aussies are losing it over this viral fairy bread hack: 'My mind just exploded'

Fairy bread is an Aussie staple at children’s parties, but who knew there was a right and wrong way to make it?

One woman has completely blown people away after posting her hack for making perfect fairy bread on TikTok.

The “brilliant” trick was shared to her account, named Getting Better with Sarah, and quickly went viral, picking up 1.2 million views and more than 2,000 comments in days.

Foregoing the usual method of pouring the sprinkles onto the buttered bread, she demonstrated a much easier, mess-free solution.

The quick clip shows her dip a buttered piece of bread, butter side down into an already prepared sandwich container filled with sprinkles.

Stills from fairy bread hack TikTok
People can't get enough of the fairy bread trick. Source: Tiktok/@gettingbetterwithsarah

“It has come to my attention that people have been pouring sprinkles on...,” she wrote in her clip before adding, “Look! No mess!”

The bread, which fits perfectly into the container, is evenly coated with 100s & 1000s and not one sprinkle drops off it.


“If I can change even one person's life for the better, then I’m doing things right, one slice of fairy bread at a time,” she added.

'I've been doing it wrong'

Needless to say, people have completely lost their minds over how she effortlessly left her kitchen counter sprinkle-free, saying it’s the “greatest thing they’ve ever seen”.

“How have I been doing it wrong my whole life?” one woman commented.

“32 years being an Aussie and I failed to even think of this,” added another.

“My mind just exploded... I thought I was relatively smart until about 17 seconds ago!” commented a third.

Stills from fairy bread hack TikTok
Preparing for Aussie kids' parties will never be the same now that this method of making fairy bread has gone viral. Source: TikTok/@gettingbetterwithsarah

Despite the majority of people having never thought of making it this way, other’s said they’d also been doing it for years.

“I can’t believe that anyone would do it any other way? It’s mess-free and fast,” one person commented.

“I thought this was how everyone made fairy bread,” added another who too had already cottoned on to the hack.


Not everyone's a fan

However, some viewers had concerns about the remainder of the sprinkles in the container now being ‘contaminated’.

“Yes, but now all those leftover sprinkles will be contaminated. You best be making a lot more fairy bread,” one person wrote.

Stills from fairy bread hack TikTok
Some viewers were concerned the clever technique would leave behind contaminated sprinkles. Source: TikTok/@gettingbetterwithsarah

But the original poster assured her followers in a follow up video that she only poured out what she intended to use, adding her hack works with “any plate or container”.

So there you have it - mess-free, sprinkle-filled fairy bread. Genius!

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