Aussies answer: Have your political views changed as you've gotten older?

Yahoo Australia asked some young Aussies their thoughts on the upcoming Federal Election.

Video transcript

- Maybe not changing, but I've just been learning more and just being more aware of what to look out for and what's important to me.

- Yeah, I feel like when I was, like, younger as well I feel like I kind of just did what my parents did. But I feel like in this election I'm kind of doing what I want.

- Before I used to kind of take my parents' view, see what they think. I kind of followed that, because I didn't know better. But as I've grown up, I've kind of decided to make my own decisions, look around, and-- and it's changed quite a lot and fluctuated with, you know, who's the head of the Party.

- Well, I usually just follow my parents, but I guess I should be doing my own research now.

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