Aussie YouTube star shares hair-raising video surrounded by sharks

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An Australian YouTube star has shared the incredible moment his boat becomes surrounded by at least a dozen “aggressive” sharks during a fishing trip.

Brodie Moss, known by Youngbloods to his 2.1 million followers, was attempting to reel in a fish for dinner from his boat when his catch was stolen from his line by a hungry shark.

Amazing footage shows at least a dozen sharks swarming the side of his boat looking for a snack.

Brodie Moss puts his hand in the water several times as sharks swarm the side of his boat. Source: YouTube

Mr Moss even reaches his hand into the water several times and touches the dorsal fin of one of the sharks.

“Look at this! Look how crazy this is,” he says, as a woman off camera pleads with him not to put his hand in the water.

“Look how many sharks there are all around the boat. That was crazy huh? Holy sh*t, look how bad it is now, and they’re so aggressive.”

A second attempt to catch a fish ends in the same result - being snatched by a shark before it can be landed.

“Wow, the sharks are angry,” Mr Moss says.

Even after moving to a new location and snagging what he thinks was a large yellow fin tuna, his catch becomes yet another victim to the sharks, which Mr Moss describes as “cheeky”.

The YouTube star has another fish taken by a shark before he can reel it in. Source: YouTube

“I’ve never seen them that revved up and that crazy coming over the top of each other right beside the boat,” he says.

Mr Moss is from Western Australia, although it is unclear where the video was filmed.

He was an electrician before quitting his job to create YouTube content full-time, and says he makes more money now than he ever did in his trade.

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