Aussie woman reportedly kicked out of Bali after clash with police

Marita Daniell, who had lived in Bali for the past 23 years, was allegedly one of 620 foreigners recently deported for disturbing public order.

An Australian expat has reportedly been kicked out of Bali after a video of her screaming at a police officer over a scooter infringement went viral.

Marita Daniell was captured on camera arguing with a Balinese police officer over an on-the-spot $25 fine for not wearing a helmet while using a scooter.

The furious woman who has lived in Indonesia for 23 years was reportedly stopped at a road in Canggu in North Kuta and seen raising her hands and aggressively gesturing at the police officer, who was blocking her path to try move her off the road.

Two photos of an Australian expat arguing with a policeman in Bali.
Australian expat Marita Daniell has reportedly been deported from Indonesia following a video of her aggressively arguing with a police officer in Bali. Source: Twitter

“It’s not my fault,” she can be heard saying, claiming her helmet was stolen. “We have rules!” the policeman responds. “Australians, (and Russians), and those six-packed shirtless beach bums: Do not do this. It's so friggin' embarrassing,” one woman wrote when sharing the now viral video on Twitter.

Following footage of the incident being shared last month, Ms Daniell was deported from Indonesia last Friday, Daily Mail reports. Director General of Immigration in Indonesia, Silmy Karim, said on Monday there was "no room for foreigners" to "disturb security and order".

"We continue to monitor the presence of foreigners in Indonesia. In total there were 620 foreigners who were (recently) deported, including several foreigners who went viral disturbing public order in Bali," he said in Jakarta according to a translated statement.

He detailed some of the reasons tourists or expats were deported from Indonesia which included "disrupting public order, misbehaving, and not complying with Indonesian regulations".

"We will give administrative sanctions in the form of detention, deportation, to deterrence or not being allowed to enter Indonesian Territory again for a certain period of time," he continued in the statement.

Bali governor threatens major shakeup for Aussie tourists

The deportation comes amid threats by Bali Governor Wayan Koster to ban tourists from renting motorbikes following a spike in traffic violations.

“Borrowing or renting [motorbikes] would no longer be allowed. That may be implemented starting in 2023,” he said during a recent press conference at the Bali office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, according to BBC Indonesia.

A photo of scooters in Bali.
Tourists could be banned from riding scooters in Bali in a move to decrease traffic infringements. Source: Getty

Statistics by Bali Police show that between February and March this year, 171 foreign nationals were fined for violations such as not wearing a helmet or having a driver's licence, local media reports.

Despite Australians making up the largest group of tourists in Bali, they weren't the biggest traffic violators, with 56 of the 171 foreign nationals being Russian, 10 Australian and five Ukrainian, The Australian reports.

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