Aussie travel bloggers slammed over 'irresponsible' shark feeding video

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Social media users have blasted an Australian couple for hand feeding a shark off the side of a boat with their toddler standing just centimeters away.

Riley Whitelum, 37, and Elayna Carausu, 28, are known for their social media accounts where they document their lives on a boat with their two young children.

In the video, Mr Whitelum is feeding the shark on a line as he stands on the side of the boat while Ms Carausu stands next to him holding the hand of their two-year-old son Lenny.

The couple standing on the side of their boat hand-feeding a shark off the side of their boat with their son Lenny.
The couple were filmed hand-feeding a shark off the side of their boat with their son Lenny. Source: Instagram/ Elayna Caraus

'You're putting your family at risk': Followers condemn couple's video

As the shark thrashes near the edge of the boat, Lenny looks visibly frightened of the animal who is attacking the food on the line.

Followers were quick to comment on the video, many commenting that their son looks scared of the shark.

"Not cool. Your child looks scared," one follower wrote, saying they were unliking the page.

"It’s scary to see a child so close to that," agreed another.

Others accused the couple of potentially putting their family at risk to increase their social media presence while others slammed them for feeding wild animals.

"Please be careful," one user wrote. "I don’t think these videos are worth the risk you’re putting your family in. I’m afraid one day this is going to backfire for you. The 'clicks' aren’t worth it."

"This is terrible and super irresponsible, you are training sharks to associate human interaction with getting fed," another pointed out.

"Why do you have to do this? For fun? For clicks? I don't get it," one user simply said.

However, some followers praised the child for standing so close to the shark.

"Lenny didn’t even flinch," one user noted.

The couple didn't say where the video was filmed.

The shark frantically eating the bait.
Many followers condemned the couple for the video. Source: Instagram/ Elayna Carausu

Beachgoers warned to avoid beaches after heavy rain

There have been several recent sharks sightings around Australia with marine biologist Lawrence Chlebeck from Humane Society International telling Yahoo News Australia earlier in the year people should avoid beaches amid heavy rain and flooding due to sharks.

"Sharks are very intelligent animals and they've specialised in making the most of feeding opportunities," Mr Chlebeck explained.

"One of the things that sharks have learned to do is follow rivers after heavy rainfall because lots of different things will be washed into the ocean."

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