Aussie tourist mocked over intestine eating video: 'Extremely funny'

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An Australian tourist has gone viral on TikTok for her hilarious reaction after learning she had just eaten a Filipino delicacy ... made of animal intestines.

The clip shows holidaymaker Aloyna Taylor gamely munching on a skewer of the exotic street food while canyoneering at the Kawasan falls in Cebu, the Philippines this week.

Her friend Mark asks her for her thoughts on the barbecued salty snack, to which she gave a verbal thumbs up.

"It's very good," she replied, before asking what she had just ingested.

She wasn't thrilled after learning about the Phillipines snack.
She wasn't thrilled after learning about the popular Phillipines snack. Source: Australscope/TikTok

But when she learned the local food called 'isaw' was actually made of intestines, her demeanour suddenly changed.

In the video, she can be seen recoiling as she spits out the snack and scrunching her face in disgust.

"I just wanted her to try one of our delicacies and maybe capture a moment where she would recommend isaw to foreigners. I didn't expect her to spit it out," her friend Mark said.

The item is a popular street food in the Philippines. It is typically made with pig or chicken intestines which have been cleaned and turned inside out before being boiled or grilled and served on skewers.

After being posted on TikTok this week, the video has accrued more than 2.6 million views with social media users mostly poking fun at the Aussie tourist's sensibilities.

"Can't eat an intestine but can eat a hotdog which is a mix of variety of beef parts including intestine," one person pointed out.

"Her reaction is extremely funny," one TikTok user said.

"How did she regurgitate that like a mama bird?" another joked.

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