Aussie supermarket shopper grilled over mince complaint: 'Learn to cook'

A disgruntled shopper's complaint about her bulk mince buy has triggered a heated debate about supermarket meat.

Cassandra Ryder thought she was "saving a buck" when she purchased the 1.8kg packet of CW Farms beef mince from Coles. But she was disappointed and disgusted by the amount of liquid she tipped out of the pan after cooking the mince.

"We are a family that eats mince at least twice a week and I have never seen this much crap in it," Ms Ryder told Yahoo News Australia.

Left: Packet of CW Farms beef mince from Coles. Right: Liquid in a measuring jug
A Victorian shopper was shocked when she poured out 400ml of liquid from her supermarket mince. Source: Coles and Facebook/Cassandra Ryder

"I'm not scared of fat and juices in meat. I love my fat on the steak and normally leave it in the mince but this time it was just way too much," she added.

Venting her frustration online, the Shepparton resident shared an image of a measuring jug filled with around 400 millilitres of liquid, which looked to be mostly water with a layer of fat on top.

"I did think I was saving a buck buying a family 1.8kg of mince from Coles, this is what I just tipped out of it!" she wrote in the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, declaring she would "never" buy the CW family value beef mince again. CW Farms mince is also sold at Coles' main competitor Woolworths.



Some of Ms Ryder's fellow bargain hunters were equally repulsed by her discovery.

"This is literally high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and heart disease in a measuring jug!" one person responded.

"I hate how they add water to the meat and call it moisture infused," another commented, with someone else adding it is "the reason butchers charge more".

Others slammed the mince as "gross" and "sickening".

Browning ground beef in a skillet
The woman's complaint sparked a fierce debate among social media users about the contents of supermarket meat. Source: Getty Images

'Gives it flavour'

Many other shoppers questioned why Ms Ryder was complaining, with one man commenting, "the fat is what gives it flavour".

“Y'all need to learn how to cook properly. That is 400 mls of flavour!" someone else agreed.

Others argued that "mince is meant to have fat content" and "this is perfectly normal and in fact a good thing."

"Hate to taste your dry old mince now," one Facebook user quipped.

Another woman claimed her "home kill" mince produced three to four times the amount of juice and fat in the measuring jug.

Not swayed by the backlash, Ms Ryder told Yahoo News she will likely shop at her local butcher going forward.

CW Farms has been contacted for comment.

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