Aussie student shares 'traumatising' journey on Paris train: 'Off the rails'

A young Australian man living in Paris has offered a glimpse into a typical day travelling on the local train, admitting he was "traumatised" from the crazy events he witnessed.

Max Bennett, who's studying art in the French capital, shared a video on TikTok detailing a series of questionable antics carried out by locals on the Metro and on platforms around the city.

"My day as an Australian in Paris getting traumatised on the metro," he wrote on the video, shared on TikTok on Tuesday. The student said the Metro on that particular day was "completely off the rails" and it's not hard to see why.

Dog kissing man and woman eating baguette on Paris metro.
The Aussie student saw one man kissing his dog and another woman using an ID card to butter her baguette on the Paris Metro. Source: TikTok

Mr Bennett captured the bizarre moment a man was getting "a French kiss by his dog." The footage shows a man sitting on the train with a Chihuahua on his lap, but it appears to be licking the inside of his mouth. The man seemed unfazed by the dog's affection, so much so he even had his mouth open. But that was just the start of his seemingly crazy day.

The student also captured a woman enjoying her lunch in the seat next to him. While it's common for many to fill their tummies while commuting, it's her worrying method that stumped the Aussie student. The woman was seen scraping butter using her ID card, before spreading it onto her baguette and devouring it bite by bite.

The move shocked many who expressed their amusement in the comments. "Buttering a baguette with your id at the metro is beyond unhinged," one wrote. Mr Bennett said it's "low-key a genius life hack if you have hand sanitizer," but one person argued, "there’s not enough sanitizer in the world to sterilize a Paris metro card."

On the journey home from school the "chaos" continued and Mr Bennett witnessed a group of students "putting fashion dolls on the metro". Video shows a man lifting mannequins over the ticket gate at the station with another man on the other side ready to collect.

But "once again the metro was fouled," Mr Bennett said of his late-night journey home as he captured a woman walking barefoot around the station. "The lady had no shoes on and was walking around," he said of the woman, who appeared to be dressed for a night out. She didn't appear to be carrying shoes either.

The end of the video shows a full moon in the sky which Mr Bennett concluded was the reason for "all the activity on the metro". The video garnered over 70,000 likes and hundreds of comments, and people were left dumbfounded by the antics of the Parisians.

Barefoot woman in red dress at train station with man carrying mannequin.
He detailed everything he witnessed in a video on TikTok, including a barefoot woman and a man travelling with mannequins. Source: TikTok

Online viewers react to 'chaos' of Paris

"I will never recover from the dog clip," one wrote. "I physically gagged the first second I saw the man making out with his DOG," admitted another.

A fellow Aussie living in Paris said, "even after 12 years the metro still blows my mind". "Yesterday there was a guy wearing no pants," he added.

Others thought the video compilation was hilarious. "Hahahahahahaha as a Parisian I am howling, disgusted but not surprised," one wrote. Another said it was "nothing but chaos", while some swore off travelling to Paris for good.

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