The Aussie states abandoned by tens of thousands of residents

While Aussies are often engaging in the great debate of whether Melbourne or Sydney is better, statistics show people are moving away from both NSW and Victoria.

According to newly released Bureau of Statistics data, more people are moving away from both NSW and Victoria than those those heading to Australia's two most populated states.

And where are they going? The data suggests Queensland.

Left: The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Right: The NSW/Victoria border. Source: Getty
NSW has had the biggest net loss in interstate migration, new data shows. Source: Getty

The report released on Monday included data from March 2021 to March 2022, and showed NSW lost a net 40,057 residents to interstate migration, and Victoria lost 17,997.

While NSW has continuously been losing residents since 1981, many Victorians may have made the move due to harsh Covid lockdowns in 2020

And Queensland is apparently the place to be, as the state famous for its beaches and warm weather recorded the highest net migration at 53,984 ifor the 12-month period. A total of 148,372 moved to Queensland, while 53,984 left.

Western Australia had the next biggest boost in net migration with 9,571 more people coming in, than those leaving the state.

There was also a marginal net increase in the number of people moving to South Australia, with interstate migration boosted by 673 people.

What other states are losing residents in Australia?

Both the ACT and Northern Territory (NT) saw more people leaving for other states than arriving, with net 3,330 and 2,431 people leaving each territory respectively. Tasmania also had 413 more people leave than those arriving.

Despite NSW and Victoria losing residents to other states, they are experiencing net growth from international migration, which is the main contributor to population change in those states.

NSW saw a net overseas migration boost of 47,095 and Victoria saw an increase of 33,691 people.

Overall NSW had a 44,400 increase in population from March 2021 through to 2022. Victoria's population increased by 41,500 while Queensland's population surged by 92,100.

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