Aussie state launches high-tech attack on 'idiot' drivers

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Queensland police are set to be armed with new high-tech cameras and a fleet of drones with night vision to crack down on reckless drivers.

Officers will also be able to deploy covert cameras in a bid to clamp down on speeding and mass gatherings of drivers acting unlawfully.

Police Minister Mark Ryan says the equipment will generate high-resolution images allowing police to identify each vehicle.

"There's no apology for targeting these reckless drivers," he said on Sunday.

A drone is pictured alongside hands on a steering wheel.
Queensland Police will launch new cameras and a new fleet of drones to catch out misbehaving drivers. Source: Getty Images (file pics)

"They are purely and simply idiots who are doing the wrong thing and risking the lives of others."

Mr Ryan said the government also planned to expand existing laws to stop drivers avoiding prosecution by denying they were behind the wheel.

"An offender will no longer be able to avoid prosecution by simply masking their identities," he said.

The onus of proof will be shifted onto the vehicle owner to prove they weren't driving, allowing police to make greater use of the hooning footage to lay charges or issue fines.

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