Aussie shopper's secret to scoring 25 whole chickens for $50

An expectant Aussie mum who managed to buy 25 whole chickens for only $50 has surprised fellow shoppers with her savvy shopping amid rising costs of living.

Hundreds of Facebook users were in awe after the woman posted photos of her haul to a popular group for bargain hunters.

The Brisbane local revealed that an Ingham's factory outlet regularly offers incredible sales on poultry items, and thanked another group member for sharing the tip days before.

Ingham's whole chickens in boxes
Shoppers were in awe after a Brisbane mum revealed she bagged 25 whole chickens for $2 each. Source: Facebook

"Just want to say thank you to the person who posted about the Ingham's Lytton Factory Outlet the other day," the woman started off, before disclosing that she managed to secure the impressive haul by watching the retailer's bulk deals online ahead of time.

"After watching the specials pop up since then, today's deal was too good not to do the trip down. 2 hours round trip, 25 whole chickens for $50 and almost 4kg of tempura nuggets for $30," she wrote.

The woman also revealed what she had planned to do with her massive haul, which involved keeping 15 of the pre-packed chickens whole for roasting, while the remaining 10 would be cut-up into smaller portions for various meals and put in the freezer.

"I'm due to give birth soon and have been prepping meals for the freezer. I love this bargain helping to cut food costs down, especially with the rising costs of living," said the savvy shopper.

She added in the comments that apart from divvying up the chicken into portions for meals, she also puts the carcasses to good use by turning them into broth, which she also uses in meals.

'How many freezers do you have?'

The Queenslander's impeccable planning skills did not escape members of the group, who all seemed to agree the bargain haul was well worth the drive.

"Great job Mama! Amazing bargains and such good planning before baby comes. Good luck with everything," someone commented.

"Wow you are one organised woman. How many freezers do you have?" asked a second.

"Why did the chicken cross the road? It didn't. It never stood a chance," joked a third.

More chicken factory outlets

Group members also pointed out that there are similar factory outlets in NSW and Victoria.

NSW shoppers can find bargain prices on bulk buys at The Steggles Shop in Sydney, while Victorians can try their luck at the Steggles Shop in Laverton.

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