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Aussie paramedic's kind act for stranger creates magical wedding moment

Queensland newlyweds have shared the moment a paramedic stepped in to offer some wedding day help, creating a beautiful candid image.

Queensland couple Angela and Simon Dix were having their wedding photos taken in Redcliffe on Sunday when gusts of wind made the moment a little challenging to navigate.

So when Jaqueline, a paramedic for the Queensland Ambulance Service walked up "out of nowhere" to assist the bride with her dress, the couple were blown away by her kindness.

A photo of the Queensland couple who live in Warner within the Morton Bay Region.
A Queensland couple were having their wedding photos taken when a paramedic gave them a helping hand. Source: Tom Hall (Tom Hall)

"It was just Simon and I and the photographer, so we didn't have anyone to help fix up and rearrange [the dress], Ms Dix told Yahoo News Australia. "And she just came over and was like, 'I'm here to help'."

"I'm really thankful that Tom captured that because it was a truly special moment that could not have been scripted or planned. It was beautiful to happen to us."

A reminder to be thankful for paramedics

The mum, who runs a cupcake business with her now husband, also said the touching moment made her think of the young paramedic who died after being stabbed at a McDonald’s in Sydney just two days earlier, saying how thankful she was for our medical personnel.

"Afterwards it was very surreal because of what had happened that week already..," she tearfully said. "It just goes to show that someone is willing to go out of their way to help and how [paramedics] are there for the community."

A photo of the couple kissing while the paramedic holds the bride's dress in place.
The final result with the help of the paramedic. Source: Tom Hall (Tom Hall)

Paramedic's 'humble' response for why she helped

Photographer Tom Hall told Yahoo News the moment "served as a timely reminder that we can always do more to help others — especially those we don’t know".

"We all witnessed another example of what makes an 'Ambo' so special," he said in a blog post.

"When I thanked Jacqueline for coming to Angela’s aid, she responded by saying, 'I’m married, and I’ve been in that position. I was happy to help. Not only are these people relentlessly brave and tirelessly committed to protecting and saving the lives of others, they’re also incredibly humble and selfless."

He said he was "privileged" to have captured the moment. "It’s the unexpected moments that photographer's dreams are made of, and I felt so thankful I was the one behind the camera to capture this one," he told Yahoo.

"I was especially excited to photograph this extraordinary moment because I knew others would love to see it... Jacqueline’s act might hopefully inspire and uplift others as well."

What's more is that the paramedic coming over actually helped the "camera-shy" couple achieve a candid and fun series of shots.

"We're both a little bit shy, it was already awkward for Simon and I just taking photos, and now there's a series of photos where we're laughing... we both definitely got out of our comfort zone," Ms Dix said.

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