Aussie OnlyFans model's 'traumatic' experience getting deported from US airport

Blogger and OnlyFans model Billie Beever said she'd planned on travelling to the states for a little over a week. She never made it past the airport.

Billie Beever recording herself walk through LAX.
Australian adult entertainer Billie Beever said she was subjected to 'inhumane' treatment at LAX for over 35 hours last week and escorted (pictured) by security. Source: Supplied

An Australian adult entertainer has blasted what she claims were "completely inhumane" conditions she was subjected to for over 35 hours at Los Angeles Airport, after being intercepted by immigration officers and refused entry into the country.

Blogger and OnlyFans model Billie Beever, from Brisbane, said she'd planned on travelling to the US for a little over a week, to visit friends in LA and in Las Vegas.

The young mother said no sooner had she landed was she intercepted by airport officials at LAX last Thursday, who questioned how much money she was travelling with and grilled her about her career choices and her past.

Beever said she answered all questions honestly, providing intimate details about her personal life, but was still taken into a cell and detained for almost two days, with both her phone and passport confiscated. She's still not fully sure why.

Australian social media personality Billie Beever in two split images taken from Instagram showing a close-up face shot.
Beever, from Brisbane, said she was refused proper food, given inadequate supplies and had her passport and phone confiscated. Source: Instagram

She claimed officers for hours questioned how much money she was travelling with, then asked about her career in sex work, and then "asked me if I'd ever taken drugs".

Beever said the "degrading" treatment — which included refusing to serve her food and providing a face cloth to use as a towel to shower — left her "traumatised" and "scared to travel again in general".

Eventually turned around and flown back to Australia via New Zealand, with officers escorting her the entire way, Beever said the ordeal left her shaken.

"My family were about an hour away from filing a missing persons report," Beever told Yahoo News Australia. "The whole thing was so inhumane. It was just so messed up, they took my phone, my passport... they didn't give a flying f***k.

"The lights were blaring, there was people screaming. I was crying at this point. Because I was like, I was exhausted and just kept thinking, how is this even legal to keep me here? They had nothing on me."

According to Beever, officers appeared to simply be looking for a reason not to let her into the country. Previously, another Aussie OnlyFans model shared a similar story.

"It went from how do you support yourself? And I said with money. And I showed them my bank account, which I had a lot of money. And then they went through my job, went through my messages all the way back to 2021.

"They accused me of wanting to come for a Green Card, they just did anything to find something on me."

Eventually, after hours of interrogation, Beever said she'd realised she had in fact filled out a small detail incorrectly on her visa application, but neither her nor the responding officers even realised at first. She said that was the tipping point that sealed the deal, and she was sent packing.

"I was wearing warm clothes but I was freezing," she said. "There was an air conditioner facing me, a little portable AC blowing cold air onto my face. I was freezing. I had a jumper and long pants on, and I was so cold like freezing cold. And they refused to turn it off.

"It was honestly the most traumatic experience. I'm actually scared to go anywhere now and I absolutely will not be going back to the US."

Yahoo News has contacted Los Angeles Airport for comment.

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