Aussie nurse savages state's plan to solve nursing crisis: 'Burnt out'

A Sydney nursing student has shared her thoughts on the Victorian government's plan to pay for the degrees of nurses and midwives.

Video transcript

DAN ANDREWS: Nursing students who enroll in nursing and midwifery from next year and the year after, we will pay their entire HECS.

- What? I'm not usually one to respond to political things because it makes me a little bit anxious, but I've been sent this by a bunch of you and I think it's kind of interesting. I can tell you right now as a [? final year ?] nursing student, the last thing we need is people picking the degree because it's free rather than picking nursing because they're truly passionate about it.

And to be honest, I think it completely misses the issue at hand, which isn't that there's a lack of nursing students, but actually that there's a lack of new grad jobs for us when we graduate. And one of the reasons why there aren't that many jobs for new grads is because there just aren't the people to train us. The workforce is short. People are leaving left, right, and center-- they are burnt out. Nurses are seriously understaffed and seriously overworked.

So I guess what I'm not understanding, unless it's a political ploy, is if we have the money to give people the free degrees, why can't we be using that money for either the nursing students currently, or those that are working as nurses, for services that are going to reduce burnout and increase retention rates?