Aussie mum's hilarious hack for getting some 'shut eye'

Laura Jane Hall believes she's cracked the code on how to get some rest as a parent.

Sweet, elusive sleep — it's the one guaranteed thing all parents daydream about.

But despite their best efforts, parents are perpetually walking around in a sleep-deprived haze.

Enter Laura Jane Hall. An Aussie mum who swears she has cracked the code on how to get some "shut eye" while keeping your children entertained in the process. Impossible? Maybe not.

Laura Jane Hall can be seen with an array of coloured doodles on her face, neck and arms, showcasing the result of her hilarious hack.
Laura Jane Hall shared her hilarious hack online, suggesting other parents should buy face paints and allow their children to doodle on them while lying down. Source: Instagram

In a video posted to her social media, Laura Jane appears in front of the camera sporting bright coloured doodles on her face, neck and arms, before explaining her new found look.

"If you are feeling a little bit tired, head onto Amazon, grab some face paints," she suggested, before adding the drawing utensils are "cheap as chips".

"Give your kids the face paints, a brush and some water and lay down on the ground," she said. "And, let them at it".

"Today I was turned into a humming bird, obviously," Laura Jane said, spreading out her arms.

Sleep 'tip' praised online: 'Buying them right now!'

Laura Jane's video prompted impressed reactions from fellow parents, with equal bouts of admiration for the "gorgeous" doodles and the tongue and cheek hack for getting some precious lie down time.

"You will kinda feel like you're getting a facial, it's quite relaxing," Laura Jane continued. "You'll probably get some shut eye and its like an art class of creativity for them so you're also home schooling."

A fellow mother commented on the video saying it was a "win win" situation, before sharing she was going to buy the face paints right away to try the hack herself.

All jokes aside, Laura Jane shared her daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activity while she herself enjoyed the stillness.

"I promise you this is your solution ... You're welcome."

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