Aussie mum defends her 'controversial' parenting views: 'Transphobic'

A first-time Perth mum has defended her parenting decisions after sharing her 'controversial' gender views online.

Louise Barry, 23, revealed four ways she will be raising her four-month-old son, and suggested she was called "transphobic" because of them.

The 23-year-old detailed her parenting views in a video on TikTok which has since garnered over 260,000 views. She said "no one will change my mind" about what she thinks about gender or swearing, despite her "controversial" stance.

Pregnant Perth mum Louise Barry and Louise Barry with baby.
The Perth woman has a four-month-old son and says she will never change her mind about her views. Source: TikTok

In the onscreen captions, Ms Barry said her son "will be raised as a boy because that’s what he is," and said, "he will be taught there are only two genders". He will also "be taught to treat others the way he wants to be treated," she said and vowed not to stop swearing. "They're just words," she argued.

While the video was inundated with support from others who agreed, Mr Barry shared a series of follow-up clips suggesting not everyone was on board.

"@ all the people who are pressed that I refuse to refer to breastfeeding as 'chestfeeding'," she wrote in one video, miming the words "I just tell the truth". She argued there is "one way to make a mother feel like less of a woman" and it's the term "chestfeeding". The gender-neutral term is used to describe feeding milk to a baby.

In another clip, the Perth mum appears to re-enact a conversation with a critic, suggesting someone called her "transphobic" for her views.

"So your son was born a male and you’re going to raise him as his biological sex?" she wrote, pretending to be the critic. Ms Barry responds by nodding her head and saying "yep". "But that’s transphobic," she wrote on the screen appearing to quote someone who has criticised her views. Ms Barry then pulls a look of confusion, suggesting the response has her baffled.

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Overwhelming support for Perth mum

The mum of one said she was "preparing to be ripped to shreds" in the comments but actually most agreed.

"I find the term 'chestfeeding' so beyond disrespectful," one slammed. "I did NOT breastfeed for two whole ass years for someone to call it chestfeeding," another hit out.

Another said there's "nothing worse than being referred to as a birthing person". "Like what am I a prize mare?" they added.

Louise Barry sharing her parenting views on TikTok.
Ms Barry slammed the term 'chestfeeding' and said she was called 'transphobic' for her views. Source: TikTok

"Amen!!! I couldn’t agree more," someone else said, adding "I’m scared for the world my children have to grow up in now."

There were a handful of people who offered their own versions of Ms Barry's rules. "We teach that swear [words] aren’t bad but in certain contexts, they aren’t appropriate," one said.

One person said they "agree with swearing and treating others [with respect] but not 1 and 4" referring to the mum's views on gender. Meanwhile, another hit out saying, "or you let your child have their own opinions."

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