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Aussie man discovers TWO huge snakes in shed - can you spot them both?

The pair of pythons may have been on a specific mission, reveals an expert.

With the warmer winter weather fast-forwarding snake breeding season, an Aussie snake catcher says a Brisbane worker's startling find could have been a lot worse. The man got the shock of his life when he entered the maintenance shed at his workplace earlier this week.

"I'm so glad I noticed old mate before I opened the roller door," he wrote online, alongside a photo of inside the tin shed. There, sitting on top of the roller door, was the distinct markings of a carpet python. But it wasn't the only reptile in the shot.

Two snakes in shed
The Queensland man said one of the snakes was 'really active'. Source: Reddit/DaylightDave

"You can see his mate is in the rafters too," the man said, highlighting the second snake's long body resting against the beams. "He was really active, slithering around all over the place."

More than two?

However, there could be even more snakes in the shed. "They're definitely out and about," he said, responding to others on the Reddit post who said they're "popping up everywhere" at the moment. "There's no guarantee that the two snakes in the picture are the only two snakes in the shed. There are skins all over the place."

According to Sean Cade from Australian Snake Catchers, that's very likely. "[The two photographed] could be a boy and girl, or potentially it could be two males looking for a girl and the girl may very well be in the roof," he told Yahoo News Australia.

"I picked up five on a roof in Kenthurst the other day. There was one girl and then all of the boys had come out of the bush to find her, because they leave pheromones on the ground so the boys know where to find them."

'Learn to live with them'

While carpet pythons aren't venomous, they do have tiny razor sharp teeth that could do some serious damage. Still, there were plenty of people online who encouraged the worker to let the snake be.

"Snakes and spiders protect you from the bad bugs, learn to live with them, not fight against nature," one user wrote. "These guys are good to have around, they eat rats," said another while someone else asserted "they aren't anything to be scared of".

Sean Cade from Australian Snake Catchers holding snakes
Sean Cade from Australian Snake Catchers said he's been picking up larger snakes lately. Source: Supplied (Supplied)

When to remove snakes

But when it comes to whether or not you should remove a snake from your home, Mr Cade says it largely depends on if it's in a rural or suburban setting. "In a rural setting, if they're close to bushland and where they would normally reside anyway, I would probably leave them," he recommended.

"But when it's in the house, I would probably be calling a professional to come in, because if one of them is a girl then other boys will come in as well, so then you could end up with multiple snakes."

The important thing is that people should never attempt to remove a snake themselves, and should always call in a snake catcher.

In this case in Narangba, the man left his new friends alone. "I'm not really much of a snake guy, so I just gave them a wide berth and crossed my fingers they'll do the same for me," he quipped.

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